This is what you want to know about your Solar Plexus Chakra (or Navel Chakra) (2024)

The solar plexus chakra (also called manipura, navel chakra or solar plexus) is the radiant sun of your chakras. With yellow as a color, that is not surprising. The chakra is located in the center of your body and is responsible for, among other things, setting boundaries, your ego and (will) power. In this article you will find everything you wanted to know about this third main chakra, compiled from beautiful books by AnkhHermes.

The energy of the third chakra is the driving force in your life, the power to be self-sufficient, resilient and effective.

Basic information about the solar plexus chakra

The third energy center, thesolar plexus chakra, is a very powerful and transformative center. It will bemanipura,the navel chakraof solar plexusnamed. The third energy center is located at the diaphragm.The exact point of the manipura chakra is in the soft, sensitive spot just above your belly button. This is also the point of the soul's entry and exit.

Colour:yellow gold.
Odor:lemon, freshly baked bread and pasta.
Element:firework. The inner fire, the warmth of fire, the light of fire, the purifying and transforming of fire.
Taste:bananas, yellow peppers, melon, corn, buckwheat, whole grains, sprouts.
Conviction: 'I am strong'.
Inner expression:protection against a hostile environment, vitality, personal attractiveness and charisma, zest for life, being proactive, willpower, authentic choices, standing behind your choices, connecting with your social environment/friends.
Outward expression:learning to take well-considered risks and get out of your comfort zone, formulating your life mission, respecting the choices of others, setting your own boundaries and respecting those of others, supporting others, admiring other people's successes, learning to let go of jealousy, reading the life stories of people who inspire you and who stimulate your personal power, strengthen the balance between work and private life, ask for advice if you are not satisfied with your work.

Associated organs and emotions

The manipura chakra contains various organs and body parts, each carrying its own emotion:

  • The liver(anger)
  • The pancreas(deep longing)
  • The stomach(thoughts/stress)
  • Gal(bitterness, disappointment)
  • Milt(doubt and dividing energy, possibly heavy feelings or depression)
  • Small intestine
  • Thoracic vertebrae
  • Lower respiratory tract

Psychologically, the third chakra is about gaining experiences in the confrontation with the outside world. Processing these experiences will nourish future actions. In this confrontation with the outside world, the sense of self develops.

The solar plexus chakra and the ego

If you lose the attachment to the judgment of the outside worldworld dares to let go, you can come into contact with a silent force within yourself that nourishes all your actions. – Klaas-jan van Velzen

The third energy center represents the self, willpower and ego.It reacts strongly to emotions. You could think of the solar plexus area as the switch between the higher and the lower self. Do you follow the divine will, or are you guided by the will of society and your ego? It is the choice to listen to the silent knowing within, or to want to bend things to your will.

The energies of the navel chakra

When the energy is in balance, your actions are connected to your own core.

The energy of the third chakra is the driving force in your life, the power to be self-sufficient, resilient and effective.The third chakra can be considered as the power station from which thepranais distributed over the whole.

The energies of the navel chakra are also the center from which we interact with the world. It is the connection of the sense of ourselves with the world –us in relation to the world. And it therefore has a lot to do with our ability to act. What do we feel capable of, what can we do 'out there', outside ourselves?

At the level of our mind the energies of reflectthe navel chakraour self-confidence and self-esteem: do we trust that we can act effectively in the world? At the skill level, these energies manifest as our ability to use our mental energy effectively: do we have the focus and organizational talent, the perseverance and endurance to accomplish what we set out to do?

When the energy is in balance, your actions are connected to your own core. You then turn out to have a power that you never thought possible.You don't get tired of being busy, on the contrary, you become more and more enthusiastic.When you are in contact with that power, it is as if you feel the activity of the unseen, formless world.

Set boundaries

Onsnavelchakrais also about setting boundaries, the lines we draw between ourselves and others.That is, boundaries in terms of our ability to say “no” (no longer wanting to please others), and insisting on the respectful treatment we deserve. It is also about energetic boundaries – our ability to create an energetic filter that shields the energies from others and the world around us that we allow to enter our energy body.

This is how you protect yourself:

This way you protect yourself and your aura during negative energetic exchanges
How can you cope and protect yourself from entities?

Strengthen your navel chakra

Do you feel that your manipura is out of balance or do you want to know how to strengthen the navel chakra? With these tips outChakra power for womenby Lisa Erickson you can experience the power of thisgele chakrato feel:

  • All the moments when you feel you can do it are also the moments when your navel chakra is strong.Focus on moments when you don't doubt yourself or feel insecure.
  • Focus on the things you have achieved.These don't have to be successes recognized by others – the important thing is that you felt like you had achieved something at the time.
  • Feel your power when you excel in organizational skills and efficiency.The energy of our navel chakra is not only about feeling, but also about precision in the form of organizational skills and efficiency. Then take advantage of this mental state and focus on the moment when you find yourself in it.
  • Take a step back when a situation becomes confusing.The ability to step back from a given situation and assess it objectively (or as objectively as possible) is one of the characteristic energies of the manipura chakra. The ability to detach from emotions and attachments, consider the two sides of an issue or conflict, or step back and see the big picture is associated with a balanced, more abstract emanation of the energies of the navel chakra.

Want more tips for balancing your third chakra? Or do you want to find out more about this and other chakras? In the books below, which were also used as a source for this article, you can read all about the chakras and related matters:

  • Aura energyvan Alla Svirinskaya
  • Chakra power for womenvan Lisa Erickson
  • The Tao of Healthby Conny Coppen
  • Transformative yogafrom Ganga Hoogendoorn and Meena Stilma
  • Yoga en chakra'sby Klaas-jan van Velzen
  • Editor's own knowledge

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This is what you want to know about your Solar Plexus Chakra (or Navel Chakra) (1)

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This is what you want to know about your Solar Plexus Chakra (or Navel Chakra) (2024)


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